BUCKET DRUMMING My Bucket Drumming Program is an interactive hands-on workshop/presentation. Participants will learn about technique, rhythm and drumming and have many opportunities to try out their new skills. I also incorporate fun rhythm challenges or games which students always enjoy. The Bucket drumming works very well for team building with older students or companies. I can also accommodate preschool children as well.

SIZES: Groups of 10 – 30 for school aged students. Up to 12 preschool children, and as many as 110 adults.

REQUIREMENTS: Ideal location: Any classroom setting but gymnasium will do. School workshops I use projector with my own laptop March break/Summer/Fun camps: any indoor location. I supply all sticks and buckets

BUCKET DRUMMING – March Break/Summer/Fun Camp:
Camp workshops work with participants ranging in age from preschool and up. With school age students groups can range in size from approximately 10 to 30. Preschool groups are limited to a maximum of 15. Although I do work with varying ages, it is also best for me to work with groups of  kids with similar ages at a time.
Duration: 1 hour – school age. 30 minutes for preschoolers

Students will learn some basic drum technique, simple fun exercises, rhythms and then application in the form of written music. I also incorporate some fun rhythm challenges and games into my programming. This in an excellent opportunity for students of all ages to develop or enhance their rhythm reading skills. All students are taught to read rhythm using my own unique method. Sessions can be a one time introductory format or a 4 – 6 week format. This would be geared toward performance, typically a Spring or Christmas concert, or Parent night.
Duration: 40 minute session.


Never too young to start learning and exploring music!
Preschooler drumming is based around basic fundamental skills. These fundamentals are combined with introductory music and rhythm skills. I encourage turn-taking, listening, copying, tracking and of course fun and lots of it!
Group sizes are limited to approximately 12 per session.
Duration: 30 minutes


BUCKET DRUMMING – Team building:
This is a great opportunity for your group or work colleagues to have some fun and get a chance to be a drummer for a day. No musical experience is necessary. This workshop is 1 hour in length. Participants learn a few fun drum techniques. And will be tapping and banging along in no time!
Duration: 1 hour